For almost 40 years we have been dealing with the regeneration of engines and engine parts. We currently offer services for the reconditioning of cylinderheads, crankshafts, blocks and connecting rods. The range of engines we service ranges from single-cylinder motorbike engines to engines up to 13,000 cc. For larger engines up to 120,000 cc and a V20 cylinders arrangement, please visit the Heavy Duty Engines department.

We have the most modern machine park based on CNC control, thanks to which we carry out even the most advanced regeneration processes for all engine parts. We also specialize in the regeneration of Alusil blocks in the arrangement of boxer, V and W cylinders, both on the original alusil sleeves as well as replacing them with cast iron sleeves.

We are the only company in Poland with CNC machines for engine blocks as long as 3,500 mm, thanks to which we can regenerate practically any damage to the block and restore its factory parameters.

Have an unusual engine parts failure and don't know if it can be repaired! Call or write to us! If you want to prepare an engine for amateur or professional motorsport, we invite you to use the services of our Motorsport department.

Range of services

  • Regeneration of blocks
  • Regeneration of connecting rods
  • Regeneration of cylinder heads
  • Regeneration of crankshaft
  • Milling work on CNC machines for workpieces up to 4,000 mm long
  • Installation of new Alusil sleeves
  • Cylinder block main bearing caps regeneration
  • Laser and TIG welding
  • Checking shafts for microcracks - magnetoscopy